2020 - 2023

- about -

YØR was a Hamburg, Germany based crust-grind quartet with a clear agenda; outspokenly anarchist, antifascist and intersectional feminist, they leave no place for non-political, ultra-macho and frankly unsubstantial attitudes in the DIY music community. While not taking themselves too serious their lyrical themes range from deeply internal struggles over drug user’s rights to the absolute failure of radical leftwing communities to adequately address all forms of violence. Yet, their music is not just a creative output and personal catharsis, it is still a great joy to make and listen to. This is a punk band, not bending to rules and norms from the music business and mainstream society.


YØR is named after a character from Michael Ende’s “The Neverending Story”. Yor is the picture miner of Minroud, a mine from which he excavates dream pictures which make up the soil of the world, Fantastica.

YØR is:
K. – Bass/Vocals
J. – Drums
J. – Guitar
H.  – Vocals